Sunday, February 19, 2006

Fan spotting guide

Next weekend, I'm planning to be at the New York Comic-Con at the Jacob Javits Convention Center -- a venue I've come to know and loathe all too well from attending too many Macworld Expos there. Since I'm hoping to meet up with various people who've never met me in real life and know me only by my online persona, I decided to take a cue from the Redhead Fangirl and post a picture of myself here, so as to give people an idea of what to look for.

In order for this picture to be an accurate representation, you'll need to follow some preliminary instructions. First, down at least six stiff drinks: that should provide the suitably blurred vision. I myself would choose vodka, but feel free to substitute gin or scotch if such is your preference. As a side benefit, you drinking heavily will make me seem more entertaining than I actually am, so we both win.

Second, walk/stagger/shamble up to me and loudly say something guaranteed to make me scowl angrily. Your best bets are "Jack Kirby couldn't write for crap, Stan Lee was a thousand times better!" or "Superman is a boring prick, I prefer Batman because he's a total psychopath!" or "Hey, isn't that Christopher Priest over there?" Any of these conversational gambits is sure to evoke the expression seen here!

And no, my head has not been photographically distorted in this photo. It really is that long and thin. This is why I feel more comfortable as Ron Stoppable.


  1. If you are at the NYCC on Friday, look for the redhead girl. I'll look for a long faced blurry man to make scowl.

  2. What, nothing about Joel vs. Mike?

    Wait, wrong fandom, never mind.... I'm out of my depth in this thread.

  3. I can't go on the weekend, but I'll be there on Friday. I'm not as fuzzy. :)


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