Friday, July 28, 2006

A difficult choice

Joe Quesada, well-known Editor in Chief of Marvel Comics, appeared on The Colbert Report to discuss Civil War, and he summed up the central dilemma of the series with the following question:

"What's more important -- your civil liberties or your personal freedom?"

These subtle moral and political questions are really tough. I can't decide between the two!

Update: a clip of the appearance (with some annoying extra clicks on the soundtrack) can be found here. An article on the segement (with original Joe Quesada pencils for a mock cover featuring Stephen) is here.


  1. Are you making this up?

    I have got to see the video of that.

  2. Hm, I saw that episode too but I didn't notice that slip-up. I wasn't really paying very close attention though.

  3. Suddenly all my big rhetorical questions have a really small and easy answer, huh?

  4. Love Colbert. But when he asks Quesada out of the gate "what's it like to be a god?". Q did respond with a "I'm a minor diety compared to you", so there is some humility there, 'spose.

  5. Gosh you're pretty.

  6. Quesada's remark reminds me of "Who do you like better, Muhammad Ali or Cassisu Clay?"

    (The boys asked the girls that back in 5th grade, just before the Ali-Frazier fight.)

  7. Hang on, I'm still trying to figure out who plok thinks is pretty.

    It's never me, is it.

    (You do know redlib is a zombie, right? And she's going to take over the world. Admittedly, some of us find that combination irresistible. But she will eat your brain.)

  8. Do I know!

    Um, I mean...

    Thought you were talking about Cassisu Clay?

    Think I've revealed a little too much deep-down-dark-geekism, here...RAB, you zombie-hater, you make brain-eating sound so bad. I'll have you know my brain's been eaten by experts, and they were always classy, so classy. It was a joy to have one's brain eaten by them. They were professionals. There was always respect there.

    Not like your wannabe zombies of today. Digging in with hands like trowels, or even crude hammers, never paying attention to the hairline...the odd inchoate growl, sure, but anybody can do that...hell, my dog did that when I was a kid, and just experimenting with the having-brain-eaten lifestyle. The monkey at the zoo, too. Oh! I'm sorry, it was a chim-pan-zee, of course. Gosh, how embarrassing...and they don't growl, you know. It's more of a gigantic guffaw...

    Brain-eating-having-ness, yes. I humbly refer to myself as the king of that. If it were tennis, I'd be Bjorn Borg. I think. God, the more you look at it, the more it looks like a Kirby name, huh? "Bort Bannigan!" Or, y'know, something. The Giraffe. The Catfish.

    What, too far out?

    A little too much brain-eating tonight, I think. If there can be such a thing. So pardon my ramble!


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