Tuesday, August 15, 2006

How's that again?

From Inferior Five #1 (cover dated March 1967) with script by E. Nelson Bridwell and art by Mike Sekowsky and Mike Esposito, an example of how the passage of time may change the way we read certain comics.

Either that, or Nelson was years ahead of his time in surgical techniques and, you know, the other thing.


  1. dude you are so right about victoria jackson being a christian while on satnightlive, i totally forgot, and i even know (ever so slightly) victoria, i worked with her way before she was famous!!

  2. Spoken like a gentleman. And may I add, I once corrected Warren Ellis on the exact same point: when he reviewed Studio 60 On The Sunset Strip he liked it a lot, but singled out having an evangelical Christian as a cast member on an "edgy, irreverent" comedy show as an odd idea. When I pointed out this was based on fact, he altered his online review accordingly but never gave me any credit. Thus proving you're a bigger man than he is.

  3. Rab, your ear is to the streets like a busker.

  4. But having met me, you already knew I was a young stud. Now let me just grab my guitar...


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