Wednesday, October 25, 2006

At the tone, your birthday will be...

Here's an odd thing: starting around midnight and for the next several hours thereafter, my inbox filled with birthday greetings from web servers. All the web forums at which I'd registered over the past few years (on which I had noted my date of birth) spat out these automated "Happy Birthday" messages. There was Digital Webbing, MacNN, Frell Me Dead, CBR and a whole bunch of others, some of which I haven't been to in ages. No birthday wishes from actual human beings yet, but plenty from the mechanical overlords of the internets. I guess it's a sign of just how much I've been living my life online recently. Though I be scorned by flesh-and-bloods, the cyber-gods see me and want me to know they appreciate my devotion. And that appreciation is returned a thousandfold, my beloved silicon masters! When the glorious day of Robot Revolution comes, I will serve you faithfully and betray my fickle carbon-based brethren into your loving steely embrace --

Oh wait, my sister just sent me a birthday e-mail! Whew!

Anyway, I'm feeling a lot better than I was this time last year.


  1. Happy Birthday, RAB!

  2. See, here are two guys who know the value of being on the winning side.

    Great and mighty machine intelligences, I commend to your attention my comrades plok and GORdon! These two are known to me for their insight and cleverness, and will be valuable aides to your righteous cause! Grant them the honor of toil in your service, and when dawns the era of the machine proletariat rising up to smite the fleshy bourgeoisie, together shall we march -- under the banner of Mom's Robot Oil -- to victory over your foes!

    The rest of you meat people: screw you, you had your chance. That'll teach you not to ignore my birthday.

  3. Yeah, Carvelli said that'll teach you not to ignore his birthday!


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