Wednesday, January 21, 2009


Images found at grickily's Krazy Kids Items set at Flickr via the amazing collection of Dan Goodsell.

I remember buying these because they featured the JLA, but I'm pretty sure I never wore any of the tattoos.

This post inspired by a chance sighting at Jon's Random Acts of Geekery.

Update: a bit more here and here -- both of us drawing on the original post here.


  1. I had different DC tattoos as a kid - featured Garcia Lopez house art. I remember sticking them to walls and doors of my childhood home.

  2. Darnit, where's a GREEN LANTERN one?!?! There's one shown on the packaging! False advertising! False advertising!

  3. You just had to keep spending more pennies until you finally got the one you wanted. That's capitalism for you.

    Anyway, just think how my poor buddy rob feels!


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