Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Changing as you can plainly see

My last couple of posts were a bit preachy and uptight, so I felt it might be nice to mellow things out with a rendition of my mother's favorite gospel song, as performed by Gail Farrell and Dick Dale on The Lawrence Welk Show:

This clip seems to be extremely popular on the You Tube, proving that it's useful for more than filthy double-entendres and adolescent smut. Interesting fact: the young men who wrote this song, Michael Brewer and Tom Shipley, were in London when this originally aired and never had a chance to see it for themselves until decades later.

And to prove cognitive dissonance can work in both directions, here's Patti Smith:

Via vee_ecks.


  1. prove cognitive dissonance can work in both directions

    love that phrase! i'll have to try and work that into my daily life.

  2. Like I always say...some days you eat the bear, other days rotary bivalve teakettle shoehorn.

    (Just try fitting that into conversation...)


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