Thursday, October 25, 2012


Yeah. Not sure how I feel about that yet.

(Isn't that what people always say when they know perfectly well how they feel about something but don't want to say?)

One thing's for sure, though: it's about time for me to finally decide what I want to be when I grow up. By my birthday next year, I will absolutely have made up my mind once and for all. And this time I mean it.

An astronaut!

Maybe not.

Well, I've still got another year to decide.


  1. The happiest of birthdays, pal. I just rolled into double-nickel, so no worries - it's all good. You'll get your jetpack yet, I have no doubt.

  2. Hope you're having a good one.

  3. Happy Birthday, Richard! Hope you're having a great time... and please don't think about growing up... it's overrated :-)

  4. Yeah many happy returns:)

  5. My first thought upon reading this was that the phrase "young Mr. Bensam" was no longer strictly applicable...

    But my second thought was, since you were always wiser than your years, that "young Mr. Bensam" should still apply till you reach, say, 5,271,009 or so.

    Many happy returns,
    (would that I could say it in Interlac!),
    David Swanger

    1. Actually, I'd say I've always been old for my age. I have a vague memory of either a teacher or a babysitter -- some adult surrogate guardian figure, anyway -- telling me I was "12 going on 47" and that definitely seemed right at the time. Now my objective calendar age is simply catching up with my inner self, and I've been waiting for that to happen for a very long time. This year I've finally reached the point where cashiers in the local supermarket no longer ask if I have a student discount and have started asking me if I have a faculty discount. Progress at last!

      (However, the checkout girl at the drugstore who offered me a senior discount last month was being unnecessarily hurtful. Still a few years to go there.)

      Birthday wishes from you must count as one of the bright spots in a year that had not many highlights. Many thanks! Now for goodness sake, sir, are you going to wait another twenty years before you get in touch again? I sure hope not. By then one or the other of us might have gotten really old or something.


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