Sunday, March 18, 2007

Shagadelic, baby

Here, Amanda Connor describes a scene from the upcoming Terra miniseries:

Connor related a story about a scene in the beginning of the second issue of the mini-series. “Terra is running around ‘clothes-free’ and she’s in Doctor Midnite’s lab, not knowing how she got there. I had to be very ‘Austin Powers,’ trying to strategically hide things here and there.”

It's been a long time since I saw Austin Powers: International Man of Mystery, but my recollection is that during the scene in question scene both Mike Myers and Elizabeth Hurley are meant to be naked and both are the subject of sight gags concealing their nudity. It was an equal opportunity joke -- a joke on censorship and filmic conventions and audience expectations, not especially prurient.

But DC just doesn't roll that way. Once again, it's as if their first priority was figuring out how quickly they could get the female character naked. At least Michael Turner isn't drawing it...but it's a shame Amanda Connor has to do stuff like this.

On a related note, I think Ami Angelwings is some kind of genius. I'd like to set her loose in the DC offices to bash some heads in.


  1. It sometimes seems that the goal of entertainment like comics is to see how often they can get women naked or close to naked :\ It seems like they'll take ANY excuse to blow our clothes up in an explosion or have something claw them off, or have us changing or in showers, etc...

    Male characters are apparently inherently cleaner than we are, b/c they dun take as many showers as we do in comics xDD

    And... are you being sarcastic? :O A lot of ppl seem to think I have an IQ of 20 (b/c of how I write I guess? XD)

    But I would like that chance to do some DC head bashing! :]

  2. Either that or the male characters don't mind being filthy. Which ties in with certain stereotypes of male comics fans, come to think of it! All the comics fans I meet and hang out with these days are always very clean and well-groomed, so I've never been impressed by that stereotype...

    And I wasn't being sarcastic. If other people miss how sophisticated and well-constructed your writing style actually is, it's their loss!


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