Wednesday, September 26, 2012

This just in

I know I haven't posted anything here in ages…but if you're still reading this blog for some reason and if you're also attending the New York Comic Con on October 11 through 14 at the Jacob Javits Center just two weeks from now, I'll be there with all the folks behind the Jack Kirby Museum and Research Center at booth 2378. You'll find us right between comics artist and historian (and friend of the museum) Arlen Schumer at booth 2376 and ComixTribe at booth 2380.

Here's an interactive map of the show floor where you can zoom in and find the Kirby Museum just to the right of the area marked as "Construction Zone" -- though personally I like to think of it as the "Wild Area" -- and all the other myriad attractions the exhibitor floor has to offer.

I expect to be at the Kirby Museum table for virtually all of the convention except for meals and bathroom breaks. If I even get those. That's pretty much how it worked out last year, and this year it's bound to be even more crowded. If you're there, it'd be awesome if you stop by and say hello!