Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Just what I needed

The following meme comes from PJ via Ben Varkentine: search for “[your name] needs” on Google and see what comes up.


Richard needs...

...your votes
Some campaign donations wouldn't go amiss either.

Constantly. have life ordered and predictable
It's a coping mechanism because so much of my life has been neither of those things. finish grade school
That's not very nice. give out the coupons to the orchestra
Please stand in an orderly line, woodwinds in front, then brass, then strings, then percussion.

...Elizabeth right now
Last name please! I've known a lot of Elizabeths.

Nick, you know Elizabeth, right? I hope you two get along.

...his red horse

...a Mac
Sure, I'm always looking to upgrade.

...100 new bandanas for his fitness class
They'll conceal my physique and make me look fabulous.

...serious help
Hey! get a better editor
To my editors: this is not true, I love you all.

...the mud people to call a council of seers
I know if we all work together, we can develop this "shower" thing. now, or he’ll slip away
So very true. shower because he has a stink about him
Man...only a stranger will tell you, huh?

...the audience as an outlet in a world where he is alone
Welcome to my whole freaking life!


Having found these, it occurred to me that I might be tampering with meme karma somehow by using my given name rather than the name I blog under. So I tried again:

RAB needs..., says leading psychologist
Yeah, yeah, we got that already. be modified
I've heard that before as well.

Now that's just mean. I do the best I can.
I'm looking for something that will lift AND separate.

...defined procedures and a mission and goals that are clearly stated and understood by all participants
Step one, steal underpants. Step three, profit. What could be clearer? just read the Plain Dealer
Mainly I just use it to cover my head in the rain. understand the power of horcrux to view destroying it as essential to Voldemort's destruction
Surely you're thinking of someone else.

...a car
And a driver's license. calm down
Aren't there pills for that?

...a detox
Okay, maybe the pills weren't such a good idea. learn how to spell
If you keep throwing made-up words like "horcrux" and "gillyweed" at me, naturally there will be the occasional mistake. buy new cymbals
Buy your own damn cymbals. Bad enough I had to lug your old ones around for all those years. be seen in perspective
I'm more worried about my vanishing point...


  1. Hey! The Plain Dealer is a good paper!


  2. It may be; as I say, I've never actually read it. I was just making an obscure reference to a well-known cult film. Someone reading this must know what I mean...anyone?


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