Wednesday, November 07, 2007

The random talk of people

1. A public service announcement:

Believe me, I take a back seat to no one when it comes to deploring the current trend of Cartoon Network broadcasting things that aren't cartoons. It's hardly an isolated phenomenon: I still don't know why the Sci-Fi Channel shows wrestling and soap operas -- ones that aren't Dark Shadows anyway -- and as long as I'm being curmudgeonly, I also don't know why MTV airs the Music Video Awards when they never air music videos. But it bothers me most of all when Cartoon Network does their damnedest to run away from the medium which once provided their core identity, when so much great animation goes entirely unrepresented on the airwaves. Don't even get me started on the relentless self-promotion of Adult Swim, so in love with its own hipness and daring. The problem with Adult Swim is that they know they're much smarter than they actually are, if I may borrow an apt phrase.

All that understood, I'll be watching Cartoon Network this Friday night for Garth Marenghi's Darkplace and I recommend you do the same. Where I am, the episodes will air at 11:00 PM and again the following 2:30 AM, but check your local listings to be sure you don't miss it.

Nothing I could say would adequately convey the full impact of Marenghi's accomplishment, so just see it for yourself...

2. A true story:

Last night I saw the following written on the chalkboard in front of a well-known bar on First Avenue: "Your liver is evil and must be destroyed." And I thought: wow, they've hired Warren Ellis to write their signs.

3. And now...the fish-slapping dance:

Produced with Stripgenerator, and with thanks and apologies to Jim Roeg.


  1. O my Lord.

    That's funny stuff.

  2. Jim, I have to assume you're talking about my strip...because if you wanted more of Garth Marenghi's Darkplace, you know you could just go to YouTube and see the rest of the episode.

    Plok, I have to assume you're talking about Darkplace...because surely I'm the only one who'd think my strip is that funny. Rest assured, the segment above doesn't even begin to convey the multiple levels of sheer deadpan brilliance in the series. It only gets better.

  3. DAMMIT! I wish I'd seen this post last week.

  4. Anyone else find Garth Marenghi reminiscent of a low rent Brit Harlan Ellison?

  5. Marenghi as Ellison clone? Oh, mais oui...which is French for "but yes."


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