Tuesday, September 09, 2008

They got the guns but we got the numbers

Found on Gothamist, this map illustrates the sheer number of people living in each borough of New York City by comparison with an entire state of the U.S. of similar population size. For instance, the estimated population of Maine in the year 2007 was 1,317,207; the population of the Bronx the same year was 1,373,659. The above map uses estimates from 2006, but the principle is the same.

Actually, a couple of them now fall short: the entire population of Idaho in 2007 was 1,499,402 people while Manhattan alone had 1,620,867 residents. And New Mexico the same year was quite spacious with 1,969,915 citizens...while the borough of Queens was a little more, um, let's say neighborly at a population of 2,270,338.

And I can get to all these places by subway except for the island of Wyoming, but the ferry there is free.


  1. And who would ever want to go to the Island of Wyoming anyway?

  2. I don't know, Staten Island has a bucolic charm that's hard to resist...

    Just thinking: Alaska, then, is maybe my old neighborhood of Bay Ridge, and Wasilla was an apartment building?

  3. @ Patrick: the point is to ride the ferry to Wyoming and then ride it straight back to Idaho. You don't have to spend time there! (I would just like to make it clear to any readers in Staten Island that we are talking about Wyoming here and do not mean any slur against your lovely borough.)

    @ Walaka: all of Brooklyn is four times the total population of Alaska. Bay Ridge plus, say, four other adjacent neighborhoods (maybe Borough Park, Sunset Park, Dyker Heights, and Bensonhurst) would equal Alaska.


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