Saturday, October 25, 2008

24194160 minutes later

It turns out to be my 200th post on this blog, but it's also a special occasion here for another reason:

Birthday greetings today go out to one of my very favorite bloggers, the charming and talented and always entertaining Becca of the charming and talented and always entertaining blog No Smoking In The Skull Cave. And to Adam of the blog Movie Chunks, of whom I was previously unaware until today but I'm sure will become a great favorite of mine in due course.

Though the personal significance of this day may often be overshadowed in the public imagination by events like the Feast of St. Crispin and the Battle of Agincourt as well as the birthdays of Pablo Picasso and Minnie Pearl, it is nonetheless extra special to us. May you both prevail over all those who scorn and mock you, and see your enemies driven before you in the dust, begging for mercy which will never be granted as the unstoppable force of your conquering armies march ever onward to victory over those who dare defy --

-- oops, sorry, that was my birthday wish. Anyway, you guys have a good one too!


  1. Happy birthday, and congratulations on post #200!

    May the juggernaut of your brilliance live to conquer galaxies--imagined or real, macro or micro--I'll applaud all the same. Best wishes!

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  3. Hello & a very Happy Birthday! Hope yours has been as good as mine. Your blog is also new to me, but I'll keep on dropping by!

    Very strange to have three bloggers with the same birthday, & I reckon it could make a great plotline should they do X-Files 3. Can't be any worse than Billy Connolly as a priest!

  4. Happy Birthday, youngster. And best wishes for many happy returns of the blog...

  5. Just 200 entries in over three years? Lazy sod.

  6. RAB -- ridiculous. A horrifyingly lame anniversary. For shame. Bucky died for THIS?!?

    I call upon you to name ten of your favourite Hulk villains, that are not of Timely origin. Actually it does not have to be ten, it can be some other number if you like, but it has to be at least eight. Anyway in your honour I will concoct a Hulk-villain mini-Tarot -- depending on what you offer it may be very useful or somewhat boring...

    Anyway, hi!

  7. OH MAN!!! It's Minnie Pearl's birthday too! Gosh O Man!


    Hope you got lots of goodies and congrats on post #200!

  8. Hope you had a Happy one.



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