Thursday, January 01, 2009

Unsung casualties of the new year

The year 2008 has claimed one final victim. The guys who invented those New Year's novelty eyeglass frames in the shape of the year numbers starting in 1991 are closing shop as of 2009.

"It doesn't look very good for 2010. You wind up with a '1' in front of one of your eyes."

You see these things at parties and high school graduations and on television every year and you just take them for granted until suddenly they're gone. Even worse, like all true innovators, these guys were undercut by cheap knockoffs and never received their full due for the original idea. But here at least, we celebrate the names of Richard Sclafani and Peter Cicero, unsung visionaries.

More details here.


  1. Couldn't it just be uneven, like have the "1" across the forehead?

  2. The economic reasons behind closing are discussed at the links above...but I'm sure someone will try to work out a layout for "2010" glasses. You'd have the "2" hanging off one side and have to put something else on the other -- an exclamation point, maybe -- to keep them from feeling lopsided. And after all that effort, you'd still be screwed in 2011!

  3. I'd just like to say that I've hated those stupid glasses for years, and would be perfectly happy to never see them again!

  4. Man, that sucks! I hope they have better luck with their next venture.

  5. Raise your glasses high, in honor...

    Happy New Year!


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