Saturday, June 23, 2012

Number one dream

I don't normally record my dreams, much less share them with people, but last night I had one of the best dreams I ever had in my life. This one I have to share. I swear this is an actual dream, and not embellished or improved in any way for dramatic effect.

In the dream, I was watching behind-the-scenes film footage of Mick Jagger, Keith Richards, and two other British rockers I can't identify (but I knew who they were in the dream) rehearsing on a soundstage for some sort of all-star performance. One of the musicians I can't name was a white-hair gent I'm sure is someone in real life that I've seen on television recently, a rock star of equivalent fame, but I can't place him just now. They were between songs, and they were having a discussion about George Formby.

"A few years back my boy and I went to see the museum," the white-haired musician was telling Mick and Keith. "He was allowed to hold George's uke in his hands."

Keith nodded with understanding. "Number thirteen, right?"

"No! Number one!" replied the white-haired rocker with obvious triumph. "When I'm Cleaning Windows. Blackpool Rock. All the big ones." Mick and Keith were visibly impressed that the white-haired fellow's son had actually been allowed to hold the most cherished of all Formby's ukeleles.

The notion that George Formby had a collection of special ukeleles, and that Keith Richards and Mick Jagger and other British rockers would all be big enough fans of Formby to know each instrument individually and which one was used to perform which song, delights me. I have no idea where the dream came from...but I can wish that maybe, just maybe, it's secretly true.


  1. That all sounds scarily plausible...

    Definitely preferable to dreaming about being late for work, or any other boring, "grown-up" dream...

    1. In all honesty, 75 percent of my dreams involve returning to school as a student and trying to get to my first class of the new semester, but not knowing what room it's in because I've lost the card with my schedule. That's basically the same as dreaming about being late for work, except that my brain is still stuck at thirty years ago.

      Also, I made a minor edit to the above: on reflection, I realized the reference to Wigan had to have been something my mind inserted only after I woke up, so I deleted that in keeping with my promise at the start that the dream wasn't embellished. In the dream they were talking about the museum -- it must be in Wigan, right?

  2. Nice stuff, dude, and well told. I was not familiar with Formby, so thanks for that introduction as well.


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