Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Irregularly scheduled programming will resume

...but not just yet.

No sooner do I return home from the eventful rollercoaster of fun and thrills that was the New York Comic-Con than my cable connection dies on me...leaving me for the past three days almost entirely without access to the blogosphere during my fifteen minutes of fame as a blogger of note. How unfair is that? I'm now muddling along on dialup and finding it very rough going. It might be another day or two before my cable service is restored.

But anyway...I had a backlog of work that needed doing as soon as the convention was done, and now I've got a ton of new correspondence to get through as well. I hope everyone will be patient with me a bit longer and understand why I haven't been making posts or answering messages. There are a couple dozen things I want to say about my convention experiences and I intend to get to them as soon as it's doable.

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