Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Local news

I can't believe this cretin got off, you should pardon the expression, with a mere two years probation.

More than once, this jerk (hmm, another bad choice of words on my part) has said things similar to the quote provided in the above article: "she may like me and want to go home with's her call." He made similar comments in an article published in New York magazine. To me, that spells future stalker and/or sex offender. Loads of rapists say things afterwards like "I could tell she was enjoying it" or other filth from the depths of their self-delusion.

And when he gets arrested for doing something even worse -- like stalking or assaulting someone -- you just know what the authorities will say:

"No one could possibly have foreseen that his levees would burst."


  1. I always thought that my own social ineptness was, basically, as low as it could possibly get.

    Then I read about a guy like this, who makes me seem like James Bond in comparison. It's the same kind of feeling I got, back when I was six, upon being told that there were actually numbers lower than zero....

  2. I wouldn't want to interfere with anything that leads you to a more positive self-evaluation, but I don't think this guy's problem is social ineptitude. We're talking extreme narcissistic personality disorder and very likely other behavioral pathologies. He might otherwise be perfectly suave and urbane in social settings -- in fact, given the lightness of his sentence, we can assume this creep knew exactly how to behave well in court -- which only conceals his deep mental illness.

  3. RAB
    With all that going on in the world why would you care about this? It is another crazy man in the subway. I think the punishment should have been greater too, but I will trust that the judge and the court order psyche report made this the right decision.

  4. It's just that I've been waiting and waiting for someone to take that "raw food" crowd down a peg. I just hate them that much.

    Wow, someone who knows me in real life -- and has made fun of my hair -- posting a reply to my blog? It's like a superhero crossover or something!

  5. "It's actually illegal to take pictures in the subway," he said of his victim's actions.

    It's a shame the job of White House Press Secretary has just been filled. Any pervert whose victims capture him in the act with a cell phone camera, who can turn around and claim they are doing something illegal is clearly ready to join the Bush Administration.

  6. Well, they may also need a replacement for Harriet Miers...


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