Wednesday, February 07, 2007

This is the day

In honor of my first blogaversary and the fact that Blogger insisted on switching me from old Blogger to new Blogger -- sorry, blogger formerly known as plok, they done bushwacked me -- I'm taking the opportunity to tidy things up around the place, update the blogroll, and generally make things more blogtastic in an effort to use the prefix "blog" gratuitously as many times as possible in this sentence. Other than that, it'll be pretty much business as usual.

(The blogroll at right only contains about half the comics blogs I'm subscribed to, as well as a few which aren't comics related. And then there are the political blogs and news blogs and entertainment blogs and about five dozen Macintosh blogs. Yes, I have a sickness. More links to come as I get around to them.)

Over the past year I haven't been able to maintain the steady flow of posts nearly as much as I'd like. Part of it is work-related distraction and part of it is natural inclination. I envy those bloggers who are natural essayists. I am if anything more of a natural ranter, capable of going on at frightening length when something has raised my ire, much like a belligerent drunk walking up to strangers in a bar, fixing them with an unsteady accusatory finger, and delivering an impassioned speech about what exactly is wrong with that bastard Giuliani and why a man with his abhorrent political history and frankly disgraceful marital history should retire from politics and never again seek higher office...

Which is all well and good when the red mist rises...but I'm far less verbose when I'm feeling calm. And, worse luck for my lovely readers, I've been working on maintaining my inner peace and equanimity in the face of outrageous provocation. Oh, I get plenty of other writing done in those happy moments of serenity...just not the sort of stuff which makes entertaining blog posts.

(And I look forward to being able to talk about those other things I've been working on, once they're done...but I am not at liberty, national security is at stake, official secrets act, et cetera and so forth.)

So anyway, here's to a much more talkative second year of blogging. Because somehow, I don't think the world will fail to give me plenty of things to rant about.

Can you believe they're using a song by The The as the incidental music for an M&Ms commercial? That's just insane! I cannot wrap my head around the complete and utter wrongness of this...

See what I mean?


  1. Congratulations on your anniversary, RAB! Here's to a great second year.

  2. Congratulations and happy blogaversery, RAB. Here's wishing you a year of peace along with more of your keen ranting/observations/prophecies on the side.

  3. Hoorah, RAB! It's been fun blog joshing around with blog you this year!


    And, hey...did anyone else get Morrison's "The Red Smoke" in Frankenstein #4 standing for anger and hatred?

    NO DON'T TELL ME WHAT HAPPENS IN SEVEN SOLDIERS #1! I swear I am this close to killing that Ed...

  4. Happy blogversary! It's only 1 year of Estoreal? You seem like a classic already (in the good way)

  5. Honestly, these good wishes warm my heart. You guys are all such terrific bloggers (and it must be said, terrific people as well) it's an honor to be in your company.

  6. Yay on making it a year! I don't know what the figures are like, but I bet the vast majority of blogs never get to celebrate an anniversary.

  7. Thanks, Mari. I credit this longevity to my ability to pace myself.

  8. Woo hoo! Happy anniversary!


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