Sunday, February 24, 2008

The first cut won't hurt at all, the second only makes you wonder

Steve Whitaker 1955-2008

Whitko was the first person I ever knew who was as crazy as I was about Kirby's Fourth World and Gerber's Omega the Unknown. He helped me find a flat in London that was walking distance from his place in Twickenham. Before that I must have stayed at his place ninety times. (So you see why he was so keen to help me find a place of my own.) He wasn't born in London and he didn't die in London...but he loved that city and simply walking down the street with him was an education in the history and customs and noumena of the place. Everyone wanted to be near him for the endless stream of learning and knowledge he had to share.

Others at the link above have more to say.

I am so totally fucking sick of death right now.


  1. Good question! Back in 1986 he was playing that album endlessly whenever I visited, so I've always associated that song with him. To be honest, I'm pretty sure he was really fascinated by Claudia Brücken's nose. Thanks for giving me the opportunity to clear that up.


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