Sunday, June 08, 2008

The road to oranges and lemons

While promoting one of my favorite albums by one of my favorite bands, said favorite band (XTC) demonstrates their willingness to commit career suicide and gives new meaning to the act of burning one's bridges while still crossing them. In other words, it's brilliant. For some reason it also puts me in mind of Joel Hodgson...


  1. Mostly, I just know XTC from the They Might Be Giants song "XTC vs. Adam Ant."

    Wow, what's the context of that clip? Did they do that at a show? Career suicide, how?

    I agree, there's something very early MST3K about that clip. Nice find!

  2. Career suicide may be too strong...but they're being awfully snarky about their former manager, former producers, and various industry executives, as well as depicting Richard Branson as an Upper Class Twit of the Year at a time when they were still on his record label. More timid souls might have held back, thinking "Gosh, we may need some good will from these people at some point in the future." On the other hand, at the time said manager and executives and Virgin Records were all involved in various financial shenanigans, withholding money from the band and not releasing their singles, et cetera, so it's not like they didn't deserve every bit of mockery.


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