Thursday, February 26, 2009

Aqua marina

Ms Vessey's mermaid tail was created by Wellington-based film industry wizards Weta Workshop after the Auckland woman wrote to them two years ago asking if they could make her a prosthetic tail. She was astounded when they agreed.

She lost both legs below the knee from a medical condition when she was a child and told Close Up last night her long-held dream had come true. "A prosthetic is a prosthetic, and your body has to be comfortable with it and you have to mentally make it part of yourself," she said.

Mermaid dream comes true thanks to Weta

That sound you just heard was the world becoming slightly more awesome.



    Did the world just turn into a Bruce Stirling novel while I wasn't looking?

    I'm slightly curious about the practicality -- as anyone who's done the mermaid/merman experiment knows, it's damn hard to keep your head above water when you've got that efficient a propellor behind you. But I guess the thing to really focus on here is that it's WHAT SHE WANTS...

    What a beautiful story.

    Verification code: "alidolio". I wouldn't mention it, except it seems to fit.

  2. This is the perfect intersection of sweet, artful, and geeky, and one of the more hopeful newsbites in a while.

  3. Wow.

    I think my chances of seeing an Aquaman movie in my lifetime just got a little better.

  4. That is so insanely COOL!

    Wish I had a mermaid tail, too. :-(


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