Sunday, May 03, 2009

Every time I read the papers that old feeling comes on

Waist Deep in the Big Muddy from the Smothers Brothers Comedy Hour, Season 2, Episode 24, aired on February 25, 1968 after some technical difficulties. It still seems like it could have been written today. I'm afraid it always will.

Happy 90th birthday to Pete Seeger! I'm all for him getting a Nobel Peace Prize.

(Hat tip to the great Scott Edelman for reminding me to post this.)


  1. Hey, Rab -- You should check out Reverend Peyton's Big Damn Band. You might like their music!

  2. I see what you're doing there. I mention a performer from New York, you get in a plug for one from Indiana! Well played, Sea. (But I'm still irked you didn't appreciate my brilliant Hoagy Carmichael joke...)

    Anyway, yeah, Peyton's got it going on. Impressive finger technique and a real feeling for the history of his chosen style. The only real quibble I have is that his singing voice sounds forced, as if he's playing a role rather than letting it come naturally. But he's still so young! When he gets on in years, he'll acquire the gravitas he needs.

  3. 90 years old, whoo! I can only hope my boy Dylan lasts that long.

  4. Hey, of course I'm pluggin' Hoosier musicians! They need the help!

    Didn't need to call attention to Hoagy, though -- you're already under the thrall of his historic brilliance. ;-)

    One man I've always felt would make a BRILLIANT blues singer is Peter Gabriel. His voice just keeps getting better and better with age, from a blues perspective. Unfortunately, he doesn't seem interested in singin' the blues. :-(


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