Wednesday, December 08, 2010

Its origin and purpose still a total mystery

I can't believe this is actually real, but apparently it is. I want one but I'm afraid of what might happen if my action figures evolve to become sentient tool-using creatures. And then one day the Monolith tells me "All these toys are yours, except the ones on the top shelf of the left bookcase. Attempt no landing there." No, the danger is just too great.

(via John Gruber)


  1. Shouldn't that be "inaction figure"?

    It's good to see Tycho Magnetic Anomaly #1 joining the pantheon of "dolls for people who don't like the word 'dolls' "

  2. Just because we can't see it doing anything, doesn't mean it isn't doing anything. It might be sending a powerful radio emission at Jupiter. It might be increasing the density of your bedroom to cause a nuclear fusion reaction that will create a second sun. Just like I might be thinking of something incredibly witty to say even though it looks like I'm just staring into space and drooling with a vacant expression. See? Appearances aren't everything.


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