Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Other people talking

Whilst I'm preoccupied, some other blogs have interesting stuff:

Plok has been comparing the underlying philosophies and worldviews of Steve Englehart and Steve Gerber. These two mean as much to me as they do to him, and I admire him for putting it into words.

Ragnell has a great take on Wonder Woman and religion and inspires some really inspired comments.

Apparently there was a party at a good-looking comics shop attended by good-looking comics fans. And you wonder why I feel old. Just remember, I did my time in the trenches before comics were "cool" and "hip" -- my generation of fans all wore anoraks indoors and didn't bathe, and the comic shops all had stacks of porn instead of cappucino dispensers. Though of course I was buying them at newsstands long before comic shops were invented; even the grubbiest comic shop would have been paradise back then. To this day when I buy comics I still think someone is waiting outside the shop to beat me up. When you see me at the convention just remember I went through all that so you young people could live in a better world, so be kind to me.

(Link via Mark, who also has the blurry photo of scowling beard thing going on.)


  1. The link about the use of the Greek Gods in Wonder Woman is very interesting, especially since I'm a lit student and the GG's show up *all the time*, thanks for that, but...

    Did I read that wrong, or is the DC universe (I hate that word but there it is) being "reboot" AGAIN?

  2. Yep.

    Five years from now they'll just do it again, with the sure-fire slogan "And This Time We're Getting It Right, Honest!"

  3. Rab -- thank you so much for the kind words! But now I want to enlist you in my Secret Gerber Blogging Project, because I know you know and appreciate the same things I do, and I think you might like it all enough to contribute something. Sorry to sound mysterious, but I came up with this suddenly just tonight, thinking it would be fun, like a blogger scavenger hunt through many sites, like a Seven Soldiers of Steve Gerber if you play? You don't have a handy private email address listed on your profile, but I do, so you could drop me a line there if you don't want me to eat up miles of comment space describing my stupid idea...


    Bad netiquette!

    My apologies!

    But I'm just feeling so enthused, you see...


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