Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Hello World

Despite all appearances to the contrary, this is actually the inaugural post of this blog. The others have been painstakingly transferred over from my previous blog over at Tribe so that the place would feel a bit more lived in. Some of the external links in the earlier posts may be out of date, but are preserved intact here for the sake of an accurate historical record. I hope you all appreciate the trouble I've taken on your behalf. It's only because I care. I really do.

Standard disclaimer: my blogroll of honor at right is incomplete, and more entries will be added as I think of them. If anyone feels miffed at being excluded, please accept my apologies in advance and please notify me of the omission at once.

Now let the housewarming party begin...


  1. Hello RAB! Welcome to the dungeons of doom. You are lucky! Full moon tonight.

  2. Many thanks, John, and please consider yourself added to my blogroll of honor. Because, um, I just added you.

  3. Smiles - thanks for sending me the URL. It's good to "read" you again.

  4. Psst... have you set your feed, yet?

  5. I keep forgetting that not everyone uses a Mac! Apple's Safari browser automatically finds and displays RSS and Atom feeds for any given site, which is a lot easier than having to hunt for them. As a result, I also keep forgetting that Blogger doesn't display a link for the Atom feed by default. What Lady J wants is:


    I really should add that to the sidebar.

    And I kvelled to read this request, because when Lady J started her blog, I was the one who nagged her to provide a syndication feed. Oh, ironic fate! When last we met, Obi Wan, et cetera and so forth...

  6. Lady J.! Long time no see!

  7. Rab, thanks for that link! It's flattering, is what it is.

    Will return the favour just as soon as I get my shit together.

  8. It's well deserved, plok -- I'd rather read your blog than mine!


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