Thursday, May 25, 2006

We broke them, I tell you

About five years ago, many thousands of television viewers told the Sci-Fi Channel, "No, don't cancel Farscape! Farscape is the best thing you have! If you cancel it, you're going down a bad road! Who knows where it will lead?" But they didn't listen to the fans, and Farscape was cancelled.

And now Bonnie Hammer, president of Sci-Fi Channel then as now, is trying to rationalize the Sci-Fi Channel airing WWE wrestling shows.

That's in addition to the channel already showing the soap opera Passions (!) and reruns of Law and Order: SVU (!!!).

We tried to warn them, but they didn't listen. Now they're broken. Cartoon Network, you're next.


  1. The Sci-Fi Channel's been going downhill ever since they cancelled Mystery Science Theater 3000 and stopped showing old Gerry and Sylvia Anderson shows in the morning, in my opinion.

    Yeah, I carry grudges a long time.

  2. I can almost understand airing Passions, actually, since it is a supernatural-based soap opera, in the image of Dark Shadows, but this other stuff is just too much to take.

  3. John: You call that a long time to hold a grudge? That's nothing! I'm still irked by some of the things Comedy Central did to MST3K...

    Vincent: I've never seen Passions, but is it really the sort of thing that would satisfy a genre fan? Anyway, I remember a time when Sci-Fi aired science programs, aerospace documentaries, and cool but forgotten stuff like Probe, a series about a science detective created by Isaac Asimov. When the channel veered off into the pseudoscience of UFO abductions, you knew it wasn't going to be long before dream interpreters, psychics, and John frelling Edwards would come along.

  4. Yeah, but do you remember Mysteries From Beyond The Other Dominion? How about "HA! The TV Comedy Network," aka "The first TV Land?"

    At least Comedy Central ran yearly Turkey Days. God, I so miss Turkey Day. Something *interesting* to do on Thanksgiving other than hang out with family. At least I now have enough DVD episodes that I can run my own if I so choose....

  5. HA! Seriously, this is all for real?


    Loved Probe, especially the chimpanzee murder mystery. Often use the entry code limerick scene from episode one to illustrate points only I care about in strained conversation. Alarmingly Azimovian show!

    Must dash, on dialup. More later.


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