Friday, May 11, 2007

Congratulations are presumably in order

My old friend and former drinking buddy Neil Gaiman reports:

I have to fly to the UK this afternoon, for Alan Moore and Melinda Gebbie's wedding on Saturday. There's too much travelling involved in the next few weeks, especially when I just want to stay home and walk the dog and write before the madness of the summer, but this one trip I'm doing because I want to, and I'm looking forward to it. Alan says he's going to wear a blue bowler hat for the wedding, and frankly that's worth flying across the Atlantic to see.

It's always touching when pornographers get married, isn't it? No, I kid. I kid because I love pornography nearly as much as I love Moore's and Gebbie's comics.

The prospect of marriage has always seemed very strange and foreign to me -- I felt that way even when I was actually engaged and wondering what it would feel like to go through such an alien ritual, though as it happened I never did find out -- but I'm sure it's a lovely thing for them what are keen on it. And if Alan Moore or Melinda Gebbie were reading this blog, I'd offer them my best wishes.

See, this is why you don't want me as best man at your wedding.


  1. for Alan Moore sneaking the "incest" theme into Swamp Thing, he deserves to be happily wedded.

    and i'm no pro-incest or anything, but just the fact that he snuck that in, and at the age i origially read the books (around 14) it blew right past me.

    then, about five years ago i re-read all the Swampys in trade and that little element hit me like a timebomb going off. now THAT'S good writing!

    ...on a more pedestrian note, can you imagine having to get Alan Moore a WEDDING PRESENT? a blender from Target aint gonna cut it.

  2. I just got Lost Girls on ILL (interlibrary loan) and I'm sure my tech services branches had a coronary. I read about 5 pages-


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