Sunday, May 20, 2007

Doctor Wayne

Since "The Black Casebook" mentioned in Batman #665 has received favorable mention (here for instance) as an example of Grant Morrison refusing to throw away even the bizarre and goofy bits of Batman history, I thought it might be interesting to look at the little-known part of the Batcave where Bruce Wayne might store that particular volume.

From JLA Classified #1 by Grant Morrison, Ed McGuinness and Dexter Vines:

Let's have a closer look. He's got what appear to be Thanagarian police wings, he pulls out a Kirbyesque-looking "Boom Tube Gauntlet" for travelling through spacetime, and there are a few other items I can't identify but which look familiar...and oh yeah, over there on the right...

...Batman keeps a freaking Dalek in his "Sci-Fi Closet." Presumably captured during the Dalek Invasion of Gotham City. Which he stopped all by himself. Didn't even need a sonic screwdriver. That's how tough he is. Goofy wandering Time Lords are advised to stay out of his city.

Was this JLA story never reprinted? Why not, when it provides significant information on the backstory to Seven Soldiers?


  1. My pal Corey Klemow keenly observes that the Iron Giant's head is on top right.

  2. Of course! I knew it was familiar, but I couldn't place it. I knew it wasn't Gigantor...

    Thanks to both you and Corey for catching that. Anyone have a guess as to the gun with the odd insignia?

  3. I consider this level three awesome, and I don't really even read comic books....

  4. who's giant metal pincer hand is that?

  5. Never noticed the Dalek before, that's awesome. Wonder if that was in Morrison's script or if McGuinness added that himself.

    ComicBookDB says this storyline was reprinted (along with a JLA/WildCATs crossover) in the JLA: Ultramarine Corps tpb. I didn't even realize the Ultramarines had another appearance. Huh.

    Maybe it'll get reprinted again if they ever get around to making a Batman: The Squire is Pretty Awesome collection.


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